MC (司仪)

Professional Master of Ceremony

  • To Lead wedding Dinner Reception from Newlywed couple Entrance, Champagne Pouring, Couple and Guests speech, Wedding Toast, Cutting Cake, Throwing Bouquet, Fire/Traditional Balinese Dance, Games, Newlywed couple First Dance, Fireworks, etc (For Wedding)
  • To Lead Reception from Beginning, Toast, Speech, Show Performance, Dance, Award, Doorprize, etc (For Event)
  • To Create The Best Reception Atmosphere which is Happy, Fun, Relaxing, Satisfied, Amazed, Great and Unforgetable
  • To Lead Tea Pay Ceremony for parents and elderly in Chinese tradition
  • To Lead Sangjit Ceremony (a traditional pre-wedding ceremony in Chinese culture / dowry)


  • 主导婚礼晚宴从新婚夫妇入口,倒香槟酒,新人和宾客讲话,敬酒,切蛋糕,丢出手捧花,传统巴厘舞蹈(巴厘火舞),游戏,新人第一舞,烟花, 等等(婚礼)
  • 从开幕式就领导招待会、敬酒、演讲、表演、舞蹈、颁奖、等等(大事)
  • 营造快乐、欢乐、放松、满足、惊喜、美好、难忘的最佳晚会氛围
  • 在华人传统中带领敬茶仪式给父母和长辈
  • 带领嫁妝仪式
From Guest’s Angle (从客人的角度)

MC – Dinner Reception (3-4 hours)

司仪 – 晚宴 (3-4 小时)

MC – Tea Pay Ceremony (1-1.5 hours)

司仪 – 敬茶仪式 (1-1.5 小时)

MC – Sangjit / Dowry (1-2 hours)

司仪 – 嫁妝 / 聘金 (1-2 小时)